Founder, Farmer

Kevin has had his hands in the dirt since he was a child, working on a vegetable farm in Southern New Jersey until he graduated college.  He then followed his passion for agriculture and sustainability to Central America.  Kevin has nearly 40 years of experience in cross-cultural community development, teaching agricultural sustainability, and pastoral leadership. With post graduate studies in tropical agriculture and language and a Masters of Divinity, he has sought to bring personal and community transformation to those most in need. A gifted linguist, Kevin has served as an agricultural and community developer in Nicaragua and Honduras among the Miskito Indians along the East Coast of Central America.  He then served as a pastor in Alberta, Canada; Columbus, OH; and most recently, North Carolina. He is active as a translator in support of Latino efforts to meet the needs of the poor in Winston Salem, NC.  In November 2007, Kevin stepped outside the box of “congregation pastor” in order to give more time to serving marginalized people beyond the local church.  Since 2010 he has also been providing spiritual leadership for the Cornerstone Christian Church in Advance, NC as their designated “un-pastor.”  The congregation’s spacious property has afforded him the opportunity to continue pursuing his love to grow things through the development of community gardens and cultivating the seeds that would become TerraSol Farms, LLC. ​

Kevin has been married to Beth for 36 years.  Growing up on a farm in North Carolina, Beth lives her life’s dream as Children’s Musician and Songwriter, and has just recently retired as Artist in Residence at Forsyth Country Day School. Music has always been an important part of their life together, and continues to be a celebrative aspect of their growing family.

Administrator, Farmer

Serah has been following in her dad’s footsteps from the beginning.  Anytime he was working outside, she wanted to be helping in some way.  Canadian born, but a true Tarheel at heart, Serah graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill with degrees in Spanish and Psychology.  She has used her multi-lingual experiences both to assist Kevin with his involvement in the Latino community in Winston Salem and in Central America in their travels together.  After teaching preschool and Kindergarten Spanish for six years and developing and implementing two early childhood programs at Forsyth Country Day School, she is so thrilled to be able to step back into agriculture at her dad’s side. 

Serah handles the administration and communications for TerraSol Farms, and otherwise any other jobs that need attention.  When Serah is not getting her hands dirty on the farm or in her own backyard, she tours the country honoring veterans and active military members in her 1940’s singing and tap-dancing duo, Letters From Home.  Serah is married to her amazingly supportive husband, Mathew, and has a wonderful step-son, Nathan.  Nathan loves helping on the farm, especially pulling beets! As a master-certified automotive and mechanical technician with more than 15 years of experience, Mathew serves as the farm’s “Machinery Guru” and owns and operates Haley European Motors.